Thefts at little leagues cause rise in crime insurance

Little League InsuranceLittle league thefts ranging from break-ins to concession stands to embezzlement schemes have led the leagues to purchase crime insurance policies for better protection. 

These volunteer-run organizations have been noticing similar problems for several years, which originally led Little League International to issue a letter in 2009 to try to provide local leagues with tips and ideas that could help them to protect themselves against the financial struggles that were resulting from missing funds.  The suggestions included everything from improved security devices to criminal background checks on participating adults. 

The insurance provider for Little League International, Lexington Insurance, has now offered the leagues a crime insurance policy to help them to protect themselves against these thefts.  This type of policy offers protection against financial damages resulting from missing money, dishonesty, securities or other property, and the destruction of securities or money. 

President of Little League International, Stephen Keener, stated that he still believes that the individuals taking part in little leagues remain good people who are members of communities who are attempting to offer their children a fun and healthy program.  He said that the insurance policy was taken out “in response to try to put some protections in place. Obviously, nobody can afford 24-hour security.” 

Most of the leagues reported that they were not facing any problems, and that because the national office isn’t responsible for supervising the finances on a local level, they don’t have very much information about each instance of stolen money or property. 

According to the president of the Canyon Lake league, Rich Hegre, what it all comes down to is that the kids are affected each time there is a theft anywhere.  Any of the money lost from the league – which is dependent on donations, fees, and fundraisers – comes out of the budget that should be used for items such as uniforms and equipment.

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