Texas health insurance covering more than ever, except the poor

texas health insurance

The state has been very successful in decreasing the size of the uninsured population but not among the lowest income groups. The number of people without Texas health insurance has been steadily falling since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. However, this is not the case among the state’s poorest population. Though Obamacare has been helping people to purchase health plans, those with low incomes are staying uninsured. This failure to successfully decrease the number of low income residents without Texas health insurance has made the state a leader…

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Study shows that medical care gets better when young adults remain covered by their parents’ insurance

A recent study is indicating that it is probable that young adults will have a better chance at seeing a doctor and receiving medical care when states lengthen the amount of time that they may remain covered by the health insurance held by their parents – which is one of the required elements of the healthcare overhaul. These new mandates are designed to assist individuals over the age of 18 who have conventionally outgrown their parents’ coverage, but who are struggling to obtain full-time work with health benefits after they…

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