Travel insurance may not help you if Ebola changes your vacation plans

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Customers are asking their agents whether or not it is safe for them to fly and how they can protect themselves. Agents are now saying that their customers are asking them about the protection that their travel insurance can give them, as people are beginning to become concerned with regards to the safety of flying and what steps they can take in order to protect themselves against concerns that they could be exposed to Ebola. Though there has yet to be any reason for concern about Ebola in the U.S.…

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Travel insurance is becoming more expensive for seniors

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Despite the fact that claims are dropping, the industry is still charging these travelers more for coverage. Vacationers in their late 70s and their early 80s are now finding that travel insurance is costing them more than it once did – even more than people who have recently retired – even though the costs associated with covering those individuals on their holidays has been decreasing. Typically these insurance policies become more costly with age because of a rise in the risk of accidents and health problems. For that reason, when…

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Over One million dollar travel insurance claim paid in New Zealand

Southern Cross Travel Insurance has announced that they have paid a travel insurance claim that topped the one million dollars in New Zealand, underlining the importance of coverage as the cost for becoming injured or ill while away from home – even when in countries that have reciprocal healthcare – are on the rise. Previous to this most recent claim, in the last year, the insurer reported an individual claim that was greater than three hundred thousand dollars in Australia. Both this claim and the most recent record breaker for…

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Why travel insurance claims are being denied

Travelers are often susceptible to a lack of information. Whether they are traveling for vacation or business, they may not have access to news outlets or other such resources that can be used to keep them informed of current events. In these cases, travelers often find out too late that their travel insurance policies do not cover every situation they might find themselves in. After the earthquake that rattled Japan and caused damage to several nuclear reactors on March 11, many insurers are now weighing whether the threat of radiation…

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