Supreme Court health care reform decision may not be broadly understood

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The majority of the American public may not understand the complete ramifications. As the Supreme Court health care reform ruling is expected to be announced on Thursday morning, the entire country waits to find out the future of the medical system, but how much of the public will truly comprehend the depth of the impact that this decision will have? To start, there are many different possible outcomes to this vitally important case. This highest court in the country may choose to uphold President Obama’s health care reform law in…

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Health care reform law mostly upheld by Supreme Court

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Justices rule that the individual mandate will stand. The long awaited decision of the Supreme Court about the health care reform law put into place by President Obama in 2010, and the majority of the provisions have been upheld. Among the 5 major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, 4 have been upheld. The center of this debate, and the main focus of most of those awaiting the top court’s decision, was regarding the individual mandate, which would require almost all Americans to purchase medical insurance. This was upheld by…

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What to expect as the health care reform ruling from the Supreme Court approaches

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The days ahead of the anticipated decision announcement bring a great deal of speculation. The United States Supreme Court is expected to announce its ruling on the health care reform later this week, which will mean that the law will either be upheld, partially overturned, or entirely overturned. The overhaul by President Barack Obama is designed to extend medical coverage to 30 million more Americans. It was also implemented with the intention of entirely reworking an industry that comprises nearly one fifth (18 percent) of the U.S. economy. The decision,…

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Lack of health insurance is killing thousands of people every year

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Thousands of working aged adult Americans prematurely and unnecessarily die annually due to lack of coverage. As the country and the world awaits the decision regarding the constitutionality of the individual mandate for health insurance and the remainder of the health care reform from the United States Supreme Court a study has shown that people are continuing to die needlessly due to a lack of medical coverage. Shocking study findings were released ahead of the landmark ruling regarding President Obama’s overhaul. What this Families USA research indicated is that in…

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United States Supreme Court to decide the fate of the healthcare overhaul

The future of the Obama Administration’s health care reform is now in the hands of the United States Supreme Court, which is deciding whether or not the entire law will be able to stand with its central mandate for insurance. The three days of arguments were completed on last Wednesday, after which the nine justices heard additional arguments regarding whether or not the remainder of the healthcare overhaul would be able to survive without its heart, which is the required health insurance. That element of the law requires all Americans…

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