Rental car insurance provided by credit cards

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Is your included coverage enough, or should you take out a separate policy? It is common for credit card companies to provide rental car insurance when they are advised in advance that the vehicle will be rented, and when that account is used to pay for renting it, but many people wonder if the coverage that is provided is enough, or if they would be better off purchasing an additional policy. Many people simply purchase an additional policy because they find their credit card coverage confusing. Data from the industry…

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Auto insurance for a rental car during the summertime

Knowing what coverage to purchase during your summer vacation. Buying auto insurance for a rental vehicle can be a complex and confusing experience, but it is important to take the time to consider it in order to protect your summer vacation from financial catastrophe. Summertime adventures can easily go awry if a traffic accident occurs. Having the right auto insurance on a car that you have rented for your road trip or your vacation out of town, can mean the difference between an accident that will cause a minor inconvenience…

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