A Cluster of Winter Storms Slams the UK over the Holidays: AIR Worldwide

Winter Storms insurance claims

BOSTON, Dec. 28, 2013 — According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, over the last several days, a series of three winter storms (named Christian, Dirk, and Erich) cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK and France and flooded an estimated 1,200 homes across the UK. As of Friday afternoon local time, an estimated 13,000 homes were still without power. Trains, ferries, and aircraft have experienced significant delays and cancellations. Extratropical cyclones, also known as winter storms, form when a warm, tropical air mass interacts with…

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Homeowners insurance coverage confusion regarding power failures

New York power outage from Hurricane Sandy- Homeowners Insurance fraud Coverage

Following Hurricane Sandy, many people would like to know if they are covered when the lights go out. Typically, a power outage causes a minor level of inconvenience – especially at home – but when a storm such as Hurricane Sandy strikes, many people wonder if the losses that can occur from those events are covered by their homeowners insurance policies. After a certain number of hours, it is no longer a matter of simply not being able to watch TV. For example, when power failures occur in the dead…

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Irene Weakens to Tropical Storm as it Makes Landfall on New York’s Coney Island

BOSTON, Aug. 28, 2011 – According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, Irene deviated slightly from the NHC forecast track yesterday, taking a slight westward shift before resuming its north-northeast direction. This brought the center of the storm into New Jersey, near Little Egg Inlet, for its second landfall at 5:30 am this morning. Sustained winds, as reported by the NHC, were 75 mph. “It is worth noting, however, that as yet there have been no onshore wind observations of greater than tropical storm force since Irene made landfall near…

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Ramifications from Japan disaster hits industries around the world

The people of Japan know that it may take years to get their country back to some stage of normal again. The powerful quake and tsunami that devastated areas of Japan two months ago are having some lingering effects in the United States also.  At least one third of businesses in the states have experienced supply problems that have disrupted their normal work flow. A recent market study shows that more than 80 percent of all businesses surveyed had experienced some type of business interruption due to the disaster in…

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