What to Do If You Get In an Accident

Car accident

What to Do If You Get In an Accident Being involved in a car accident is very scary, especially if you don’t know what to do or expect. Knowing what to do will help you better deal with the unexpected chaos that can happen at the scene of an accident. The following tips can make a world of difference in protecting yourself, your rights, and any passengers who were involved in the accident. Things to Do at the Scene of an Accident You’ve just been in an accident. What do…

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Florida prepares for the battle against PIP fraud

Residents in Florida have joined with business associations and law enforcement agencies to create the Gear Up Florida Coalition, with the goal of protecting insurance consumers in the state from the skyrocketing costs that are resulting from the increasing instance of fraud to its no-fault law. According to Tammy Perdue, the Florida General Counsel for Associated Industries, they want to bring fraud from car accidents to an end and change the organized systems that are encouraging these criminal behaviors. She explained that it will be critical for legislative action to…

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