Second Oregon health insurance co-op facing liquidation

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The market in the State is continuing to experience a shakeup as a nonprofit insurer must liquidate assets. For the second time, an Oregon health insurance co-op has received a receivership order. This started last week and will now be sending Health Co-op assets into liquidation after facing notable financial struggles. The insurance company was a nonprofit and was consumer-operated, created under the ACA. The Oregon health insurance company’s board of directors voted on Friday. Their decision was to consent to the receivership order from state regulators. This takes the…

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Oregon health insurance exchange owes agents $900k

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While these professionals enrolled thousands throughout the state, many have not been paid for their services. According to the Oregon health insurance exchange, it owes around $900,000 to the agents who received their training and certification through the program, and who worked to enroll thousands of people throughout the state to make sure that they had the coverage that they needed to comply with the affordable care act, but who haven’t received their own paychecks in six months. Many of these hardworking people haven’t seen a dime of their pay…

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