Health insurance exchange in Missouri may still be state run

Missouri Health Insurance

Though the state may have said that it won’t be running its own marketplace, the issue drags on. The state of Missouri has already informed federal officials that it will not be creating its own health insurance exchange, but this has not closed the issue altogether. The extension of the deadline by the Department of Health and Human Services has encouraged further discussion. The state has now been talking about whether a health insurance exchange may be run by the state at some point in the future. The deadline change,…

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Missouri Legislature overturns Senate Bill 749

Birth Control insurance

Lawmakers dismantle Senate Bill 749 The Missouri Legislature has overridden a veto from Governor Jay Nixon concerning legislation that would have allowed consumers and businesses to opt out of insurance coverage providing benefits for certain types of birth control. The legislation, called Senate Bill 749, could have required employers to provide coverage for abortions, sterilization, and other forms of birth control through their insurance company. The Legislature voted on overriding the legislation this week with a 26-6 vote from the Senate. Bill allows employers and individuals to opt out of…

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