Minnesota set to fight insurance fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud

Lawmakers are taking steps to fight fraud in the insurance sector Lawmakers in Minnesota are beginning to focus on ways to cut down on insurance fraud. According to state officials, many people come to the state in order to exploit loopholes that exist in current laws, hoping for financial gain on fake medical claims and targeting other insurance sectors. Lawmakers are now drafting legislation that would provide the state’s Commerce Department with an anti-fraud unit, which would work to combat insurance fraud in Minnesota. New anti-fraud unit will help combat…

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Auto insurance fraud rising most quickly in Minnesota

Auto insurance fraud

The state is now leading the country in organized scams to the vehicle coverage industry. An auto insurance news report was just issued by the Insurance Federation of Minnesota, which made a call to legislators, prosecutors, and regulators to increase their efforts to crack down on the fraud that is occurring within the industry in this state. This request is to boost the efforts that these officials have already been making for this purpose. There is already a crackdown in place to help to stop the no-fault auto insurance fraud…

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