Massachusetts auto insurance rates may rise due to legalized pot

auto insurance rates could rise from legalized marijuana

Drivers in the state can expect to see rising premiums regardless of whether or not they us marijuana. Massachusetts auto insurance rates are expected to rise across the state as a result of legalized marijuana. This is the case regardless of whether an individual driver actually uses it, say industry experts. Crashes increase in states where the sale of recreational marijuana is legal, says a recent study. According to data from a recent auto insurance rates study, crashes occur more frequently in states allowing recreational pot use, reported the Boston…

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Auto insurance rates in Detroit are “completely immoral”, says Mayor

detroit auto insurance

There are a range of different factors that have been causing the cost of coverage to skyrocket in the city. Due to the exceptionally affordable rent in Detroit, people in the Millennial generation are flocking to the city in droves, but auto insurance in the region is the most expensive in the country and there is virtually no option for public transportation. This is a problem that Mayor Mike Duggan has taken on, but that is leading him from one frustration to the next. As a part of the effort…

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Auto insurance premiums are on the rise in Massachusetts

auto insurance car headlights

Premiums continue to climb since state stopped regulating the auto coverage sector in 2008 Auto insurance is becoming more expensive in Massachusetts. The state is currently home to some of the most expensive auto coverage in the U.S., which is calling into question whether or not regulators should begin overseeing the auto insurance sector once again. In 2008, the state stopped regulating coverage for drivers. For a time, this caused insurance rates to drop by some degree, but they quickly shot up again as insurers sought to generate more profit…

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Auto insurance prices rise during the winter months

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

A yearlong study has revealed that drivers in Massachusetts who purchase coverage when it’s cold pay more. According to the results of a study that has been conducted for a complete year, drivers purchasing auto insurance during the winter months in Massachusetts are more likely to pay elevated prices than they would if they bought their policies in the middle of summer. Motorists could spend as much as 20 percent more if purchasing their vehicle policies in March. Prices were also shown to spike for auto insurance coverage in January…

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Auto insurance fraud falling in Massachusetts

Auto insurance fraud

Auto insurance fraud meets aggressive action in Massachusetts Auto insurance fraud has been a growing problem in Massachusetts. This problem began receiving significant attention from state lawmakers more than a decade ago when a staged accident caused resulted in the death of a state resident. A new report from the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts and the Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts highlights the progress that the state has made in its ongoing fight against auto insurance fraud. The report suggests that the state’s continuous efforts have saved consumers from…

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Auto insurance consumer complaints break the 10,000 mark in Massachusetts

Auto Insurance complaints

These include inquiries that were made and received by the state regulators, all within 2012. Regulators in Massachusetts have reported that they received 10,729 communications from consumers in the state with issues regarding their auto insurance coverage, policies, and providers. The state reported that this was the total number of complaints that were received in 2012, alone. The report was made by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation in the state, as well as its insurance division. The communications from the consumers involved both questions and complaints about…

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Auto insurance premiums in West Virginia are higher than many states

Auto Insurance

A recent study has shown that drivers in that state pay more than many others across the country. A comparison study has been performed across the various states, and major differences were discovered in the auto insurance premiums paid by some drivers over others in different parts of the country. The research involved a survey that compared average premiums paid by drivers across the nation. For example, an annual average of $4,409 was paid by drivers in Michigan. This amount represented approximately 8 percent of the income of those motorists.…

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