Health care reform law mostly upheld by Supreme Court

Obama reacting to the health care reform in 2010

Justices rule that the individual mandate will stand. The long awaited decision of the Supreme Court about the health care reform law put into place by President Obama in 2010, and the majority of the provisions have been upheld. Among the 5 major provisions of the Affordable Care Act, 4 have been upheld. The center of this debate, and the main focus of most of those awaiting the top court’s decision, was regarding the individual mandate, which would require almost all Americans to purchase medical insurance. This was upheld by…

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U.S. Supreme Court to review Obama’s healthcare overhaul

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to perform a review of the healthcare overhaul by the Obama administration in order to determine if it is constitutional. This debate will no doubt be a topic that will help to decide the shape of the presidential election in 2012, and will help to determine how much power the federal government will have over healthcare and insurance. The Supreme Court justices have said that they will be considering the constitutionality of the healthcare overhaul’s requirement that all Americans must purchase health insurance by…

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D.C. court upholds the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act

 If there was ever any doubt that the Affordable Care Act would make it to the Supreme Court, a new ruling from a federal appeals court in the District of Columbia may have made it a sure thing. A panel of judges from the Court of Appeals in D.C. has ruled that the Affordable Care Act, particularly the provision for mandatory health insurance, is constitutional. The ruling conflicts with that coming from other appeals courts throughout the country that have deemed the law unconstitutional. To date, 26 states have filed…

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