Homeowners insurance industry isn’t impressed with smart homes

homeowners insurance industry, smartphone smart home

Despite the claims device makers have made about improved security, insurers aren’t lowering bills. The smart home device market has led to millions of dollars in sales but has not managed to impress the homeowners insurance industry. Americans have been buying WiFi connected smoke detectors and security cameras in droves. However, home insurance companies aren’t yet convinced that they are worthy of premiums discounts. A traditional smoke detector may bring savings to many homeowners, but more recent gadgets are still unproven. With the average rates across the homeowners insurance industry…

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Homeowners insurance industry officials recommend that consumers review coverage

Hurricane Isaac Homeowners Insurance Industry Damages

In light of the current hurricane season predictions, it may be wise for property owners to review their policies. The homeowners insurance industry has recently released a number of statements recommending that consumers take a moment to review the coverage they have so that they understand the type of coverage that will be available to them throughout the current hurricane season, which is expected to be an active one. This is a practice that insurance companies typically recommend on an annual basis, but reminders may help. According to the homeowners…

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Aon Benfield expects an upswing in the U.S. homeowners insurance market

homeowners insurance

This indicates that home insurers could be aligned to start seeing improvements in their returns. According to Aon Benfield, the current trend of improvement overall in homeowners insurance returns for this year was, in part, driven by a boost in prospective levels in the rates for premiums, and that the improvements are likely to continue. The insurer also said that the estimated catastrophe ratio has experienced a notable decline. The reason that ratio has declined is that there have been updates implemented for the vendor catastrophe models that were utilized…

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More homeowners insurance policies being removed from Citizens

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida regulators approve further depopulation efforts Florida insurance regulators have approved yet another initiative from the state’s Citizens Property Insurance organization to shed policies. The state-run insurer has been working to depopulate itself of homeowners insurance policies for the past few years in order to resolve ongoing financial issues. The endeavor has proven quite successful, as the insurer recently announced that it now has some $7 billion in reserve capital. The initiative has caused some concern among consumers, however, whose policies are being taken up by private companies. 151,000 policies…

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Homeowners insurance risk warnings for Halloween celebrations issued

halloween homeowners insurance claims

As property owners add their decorations and prepare for parties this weekend, there are certain cautions from the industry. As Halloween approaches, people have started to decorate their homes in preparation for trick or treaters and for parties that will be held this upcoming weekend (the last one before the holiday), but the industry is warning that there are certain risks involved and that homeowners insurance should be properly checked and understood before proceeding. This way, it can help to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings with insurers. It can also…

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Homeowners insurance customers in Oklahoma still paying high rates

Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance

Residents of the state are still seeing costs that are among the highest in the United States. Property owners in Oklahoma are already paying some of the highest homeowners insurance rates in the country due to the state’s high risk of severe weather such as tornadoes, hail, and other damaging forces of nature. Now, insurers in the state are seeking to increase their rates by as much as 40 percent. Despite the fact that the residents of the state are already paying more than those of most other states across…

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Homeowners insurance bill in Florida signed by Governor Scott

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

This will help to reform Citizens so that it will be able to further reduce its massive size. Governor Rick Scott has just signed a Florida bill into law which will allow a huge number of changes to be made to Citizens, the largest homeowners insurance company in the state. One of the goals of the bill is to move more of the policyholders from the state backed insurer into the private market. According to Senator David Simmons (R – Altamonte Springs), who sponsored SB 1770, “It’s a hell of…

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