Insurance plan loophole nearly closed

health insurance for small businesses

The government is coming close to stopping employers from being able to offer substandard coverage. Insurance plan consultants were recently surprised to discover that under the rules of the Affordable Care Act, employers are capable of offering policies to their employees for next year that do not include hospital benefits. This has caused the administration to take action to correct an official calculator for approving of insurance policies. Officials from the Treasury Department are now working on changing the path of an official calculator that gives approval to various types…

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Health insurance for U.S. employees is not required to cover birth control

Birth Control insurance

Though the overall law still stands, companies can object on religious grounds in order to gain exemption. The U.S. Supreme Court has recently released a new health insurance ruling that states that companies are permitted to submit an objection on religious grounds to a health care reform provision that would require them to provide birth control coverage within their group plans. The court held this decision on a vote of 5 to 4 that companies could seek this type of exemption. This ruling was carefully made to reflect that while…

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Health care reform mandate delayed yet again

Affordable Care Act Health Care Reform

The White House has now put off employer fines until 2016 after continued rollout struggles. According to the latest large delay issued by the Obama administration for the health care reform, the majority of employers will still not face a fine next year if they do not offer insurance benefits to their employees, yet. The timing of the implementation of this element of the health insurance law has now been pushed back. According to the Affordable Care Act’s regulations, the Treasury Department has stated that businesses that have between 50…

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Wal-Mart expands health insurance benefits

Walmart auto insurance

Retailer takes a bold step on health insurance Retail giant Wal-Mart has announced that it will begin offering health insurance benefits to the domestic partners of its U.S. employees next year. The retailer is following the lead of several other large companies that have been expanding health insurance benefits in recent months. The company will also begin offering vision care to eligible employees and their dependents. This move could be a major boon for many people in the U.S. who depend on the health insurance coverage Wal-Mart provides them with.…

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Health insurance proposals lead to NYC lawsuit

New York Health Insurance

The Labor Committee has sued New York City in an effort to try to stop it from changing its medical benefits. The Municipal Labor Committee, a group that represents city workers, has sued New York City in an attempt to stop it from being able to move forward with a request for proposals to change the health insurance benefits that the employees will be receiving. NYC will soon be seeking a new insurer for its massive benefits plan that will require premiums to be paid by workers. In April, Deputy…

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Health insurance law putting strain on public unions

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Municipalities nationwide are putting the pressure on their unions to accept cheaper benefits. Towns and cities across the United States are now placing pressure on their municipal unions to start accepting cheaper health insurance benefits ahead of an element of the implementation of one of the healthcare reform components that will place a tax on more expensive plans as of 2018. The Affordable Care Act includes a so-called “Cadillac tax”, which was created following the advice of economists. The economists argued that health insurance that was more expensive, in which…

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Health insurance for employees is on the rise in Massachusetts

Health Insurance benefits

Employer sponsored coverage is becoming more common among workers within the state. According to the data in a recent report, the percentage of employees in Massachusetts who are opting to take part in their employer’s sponsored health insurance coverage instead of taking home a larger amount of pay has increased since 2006, when the state overhauled its medical coverage system. The report also suggested that the federal Affordable Care Act may replicate this same result. The share of employees who have health insurance through their employment increased from having been…

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