Cyber crime insurance launched by former US homeland security chief

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The coverage is the result of a collaboration among syndicates operating through the Lloyd’s of London market. A new cyber crime insurance product has now been launched by Tom Ridge, a former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, by his firm, which created it in collaboration with a number of syndicates that operate through the Lloyd’s of London. This insurance coverage is meant for businesses with under $500 million in market capitalization. This means that approximately 80 percent of all American publicly quoted companies fit into the target market for this…

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US insurance industry may benefit from new Internet monitoring system

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Insurance industry continues to see threats in digital world Cyber security has become a very big deal for the U.S. government. Federal officials often highlight the risks that exist in the digital world, expressing their concerns that hackers and malicious parties could do irreparable damage to the country in a variety of ways. While these threats can often be over-politicized, the insurance industry is well aware of the risks they represent and has also been working to draw more attention to these risks in recent years. Federal government to develop…

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Bank heist may have lasting impact on insurance industry

Insurance Industry - Bank Heist

Insurance industry may feel the impact on recent heist The insurance industry may be set for a shock in the wake of one of the world’s largest bank heists. Late last week, a global cyber crime syndicate successfully stole $45 million from two banks in the Middle East. This was accomplished by hacking into the credit card processing firms that were used by the banks. The funds were withdrawn from numerous ATMs in 27 countries, including the U.S. While this money is typically insured by the governments associated with banks…

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Cyber risk insurance becoming a concern for businesses

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Cyber risk insurance may help companies protect themselves Cyber security is beginning to be a major concern in the U.S., according to a new study published by Corporate Board Member and FTI Consulting. As the world of business becomes more accommodating of emerging technologies, the possibility of cyber attacks is becoming more pronounced. Data breach can cause serious damage to a company both in terms of finance and reputation, leading many businesses to seek out cyber risk insurance coverage. This coverage is designed to protect companies from malicious cyber attacks.…

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Corporations may be hiding information on cyberattacks from investors and the SEC

Large corporations may be keeping cyberattacks a secret from investors and the public, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In October of last year, the agency released documentation that outlined the necessary measures corporations must take if they have been the target of an attack. The document outlined reporting procedures for such events, but the agency suspects that companies have not taken these requirements to heart for the sake of their businesses. Since October, a scant few corporations have followed the reporting procedures outlined by the SEC, despite…

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Legislators meet to determine a course of action for cybersecurity

A bipartisan cybersecurity bill may be heading for Congress this week. Federal lawmakers have been discussing the growing threat residing in the digital world and what it means for national security and that of citizens. Over the years, several companies have been the target of cybercrimes such as hacking and data theft. The recent security breaches at Sony Online Entertainment, which compromised the financial information of thousands of consumers, highlight the need for new legislations that encourage cyber insurance. Cyber insurance – that is, insurance that protects against cybercrime –…

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Cyber security a major issue for the U.S. according to inquisitive task force

Cyber security is a growing area of concern in the business world. A number of major attacks have shown the danger of having lackluster protection and has cost some companies millions of dollars. The damage wrought from these attacks in not only shouldered by the targeted companies, however, they have also produced grievous financial wounds on consumers who had their identities and financial information compromised in the attacks. A Congressional task force, which was tasked with the duty of investigating the importance of cyber security, has released recommendations to lawmakers…

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