Connecticut insurance payout timing for Sandy running out

Connecticut Insurance

Fifteen months after the superstorm smashed its way through the area, homeowners are still waiting for their insurers. While Superstorm Sandy may no longer be making the top headlines anymore it doesn’t mean that the Connecticut insurance industry has finished up with all of the claims and payouts that were wrapped into this horrendous natural disaster that ripped across the east coast of the country. Some homeowners insurance customers are still waiting to receive the payouts for their claims. The problem is that time is starting to run out according…

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Auto insurance remains high for Connecticut drivers

connecticut auto insurance

Motorists in the state won’t be experiencing any relief from the higher prices that they pay for coverage. Drivers in Connecticut are paying a higher price for auto insurance than other Americans across the country, and studies are now revealing that there are a number of reasons that motorists in that state face higher coverage costs. The high cost of living and higher income levels have always been contributors to higher premiums. Studies are indicating that there are a number of new and growing reasons that people in Connecticut are…

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