Senate Health Committee passes SB 1431 with the praise of Insurance Commissioner Jones

California life Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has announced the passage of a bill for the regulation of stop-loss coverage to small businesses. Jones has given his applause for this change to the California insurance industry, as the state Senate Health Committee passed SB 1431, which places a minimum number of aggregate and individual attachment points and which bans the exclusion of workers on the grounds of health status during the sale of stop-loss coverage for self-insured employers of 2-50 people. The bill passed by a 5 to 3 vote. It was authored…

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California’s Insurance Solutions highlights the necessity of insurance coverage for restaurants during the holiday season

For California’s eateries, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. To help these companies deal with the added liability inherent with more business, Insurance Solutions, a large insurance organization based in California, has launched a new campaign to help promote insurance amongst restaurants and other eateries. As part of the campaign, the company will also be promoting safety techniques that can keep employees and consumers safe during the holiday rush. Insurance Solutions believes that preparation will help companies save on costly insurance events. According to Insurance Solutions, businesses…

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Statewide brings contractor insurance services into Washington state

Leading general liability insurance, commercial vehicle coverage, workers compensation and bonds provider for contractors, Statewide Insurance Brokers, has announced that it has broadened its contractor insurance offerings to include Washington State. The insurer has been providing these products to thousands of contractors of all forms from painters to electricians, since 1995. Today, Statewide Insurance is operating in seven states – Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Minnesota, and California – but has plans for widening. According to one of the company’s senior underwriters, Lana Matar, demand is what is fueling their…

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