Insurance jobs on their way up in Oklahoma

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Allstate will hire 20 new owners of agencies within the state. Allstate has announced that it will be boosting the number of insurance jobs in Oklahoma by appointing 20 new owners of its agencies at some point within the last half of the year. This will help to create an even larger number of positions within that state. It is predicted that there will be a total of at least 40 brand new insurance jobs that will open up across Oklahoma as a result of the new agencies. This is…

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The basics you need to know before opening your own insurance agency

Going into business for yourself and starting up your own independent insurance agency can be a thrilling, fulfilling, and rewarding experience, but you need to understand the business and its requirements before you can hang your shingle. Insurance, after all, is a business of relationships, and while you may have many on your own as an agent, by recruiting several associate agents, you will build your network significantly. By helping to protect families, individuals, and businesses from the disasters that can occur in life, you will also be creating a…

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How to prepare an insurance agency to be sold

The perceived value of an insurance agency is impacted by a number of different factors, but there are three among them that will have the greatest influence. These three critical factors are the same as those that would influence the perceived value of any type of investment, and are: • Market conditions • Pro forma earnings • Risk connected with earnings in the future Market conditions are vital to the sale of any form of investment, and timing can significantly influence the sale’s net gain. The parts of market conditions…

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