Insurance jobs on their way up in Oklahoma

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Allstate will hire 20 new owners of agencies within the state.

Allstate has announced that it will be boosting the number of insurance jobs in Oklahoma by appointing 20 new owners of its agencies at some point within the last half of the year.

This will help to create an even larger number of positions within that state.

It is predicted that there will be a tInsurance jobsotal of at least 40 brand new insurance jobs that will open up across Oklahoma as a result of the new agencies. This is because the positions will not only consist of the new owners, but there will also need to be new agents and support staff in order to run the various locations for the insurer.

Allstate is looking to fill those insurance jobs with a certain type of dedicated individual.

The insurer explained that in order to be ideal for these insurance jobs, the people that will be appointed to the 20 new agency owner positions will need to be professionals who are customer service oriented and sales driven. They will also need to have had some management experience in order to qualify for the ownership and operation of these agencies.

This could also mean that it won’t be long before the newly appointed agency owners start to generate additional insurance jobs. The forecast is that more than 30 positions will likely open up within the communities of the agencies, as licensed sales staff are hired in order to help to run these various small businesses.

Beyond the professional qualifications, the candidates who are seeking to own one of these new Allstate agencies will need to have at least $50,000 in liquid capital available to them in order to invest into their agency ownership. These funds are not paid to the insurer, but are instead meant to help to make sure that the new agency will be capable of funding its typical daily expenses which are linked with the standard opening and operation of a business of that size.

The insurer also noted that it will offer $6,000 to anyone who can help to successfully provide a referral to fill these agency ownership insurance jobs within Oklahoma City this year.

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