Auto insurance survey shows drivers would take breathalyzer for discount

Auto Insurance rates for safe drivers

Motorists would be willing to prove their low alcohol levels in order to lower their premiums. A new auto insurance survey has shown that most drivers would be willing to install a breathalyzer in their car to prove to their insurers that they aren’t driving after drinking, in exchange for a discount on their premiums. Almost two thirds of the survey respondents said they would be willing to add this feature to their vehicles. The survey also showed that the number of people willing to install a breathalyzer in their…

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Vermont DUI convictions may be in error

Hundreds of DUI convictions, including license suspensions may go back to court or be over-turned completely. Defense attorneys and several counties’ states attorney’s from across Vermont are looking at cases from 2008 to present date that may be thrown out. Human error and oversight in setting up and maintenance of breath analysis machines has been identified as the cause. Results of DUI tests from a DataMaster DMT breath analysis machine at the Vermont State Police station are now under microscopic scrutiny. The state Department of Health was in charge of…

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