State Farm boat insurance claims frequently involve small objects

Boat insurance - Boat on water

Striking things under the surface of the water are leading to a rising amount of damage. State Farm recently released boat insurance data showing that striking floating or submerged objects are the leading cause of claims for the last five years. The insurer also released recommendations to help watercraft owners to avoid costly damage. While boat insurance is vital to have in case damage happens, what’s even better than having adequate coverage is not having to make a claim in the first place. State Farm is hoping that watercraft owners…

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Allstate releases common boating accident avoidance tips

As this year’s boating season passes its peak and begins to come to a close, Allstate Insurance has identified the most common forms of boating accident and has released tips for boaters to avoid making common errors that can lead to damage to their vehicles. The Coast Guard is reminding boaters to remain vigilant, but is already celebrating a notable drop in the number of accidents and fatalities. For example, a recent report showed that accidents have been falling over the years, as there were 4730 reported in 2009, but…

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