Health insurance premiums set to rise in South Carolina

South Carolina Health Insurance

Thousands of consumers will be affected by higher health insurance premiums Several thousand consumers in South Carolina are likely to see their health insurance premium increase in 2016. The majority of rate increases are expected to be seen by those enrolling in the state’s insurance exchange, where insurers are looking to recover from financial losses by raising premiums. In some cases, consumers may be paying hundreds of dollars more for their health insurance policies. This may place many people under a great deal of financial pressure, which may drive some…

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A shift in health insurance will affect some 96,000 people in Nebraska


Blue Cross announces that coverage will be restored to consumers despite contract dispute with CHI Health Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska has announced some changes to the coverage it provides to some of those that have been affected by a contract dispute with CHI Health. Some CHI Health hospitals have been out of the Blue Cross network since September of this year due to the expiration of an agreement between the two companies. Blue Cross and CHI Health have been unable to form a new contract due to…

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Health insurance market in Texas may not be competitive

Texas Health Insurance Program

Study highlights lack of competition within the Texas insurance market The American Medical Association has released a new study that suggests the insurance market in Texas is becoming less competitive. According to the study, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is the dominant insurance provider in all but one of the state’s metropolitan areas. UnitedHealth Group is also a major player in the health insurance market. Together, these two companies account for 63% of the state’s commercial health insurance market, up from 57% in 2010. Blue Cross dominates many of…

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Florida Health Choices program to launch July 2012

Florida legislators are looking to launch a new health care plan for small businesses in July 2012. The Florida Health Choices program, which was first built by lawmakers in 2008, aims to bring affordable health care policies to small businesses as an alternative to those offered by private insurance companies. The program has been in the development phase for several years partly because legislators want to make certain the program is being built correctly.  The Florida Health Choices board says that the program is as ready as it will ever…

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Critical illness and accident insurance now available through HM Insurance Group

Highmark Insurance Group has just announced that individuals can now buy accident insurance and critical illness insurance from any of the eight retail facilities for Highmark Direct in Pennsylvania. HM Insurance group is a Highmark company and offers a wide range of protections for accidental injuries and illnesses. Highmark Inc. is Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association independent licensee based in Pittsburgh. According to the Highmark vice president of consumerism and retail marketing, Matt Fidler, accidental insurance and critical illness insurance are a good fit with the other standard health…

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Ruling in California could help those with mental illnesses obtain higher levels of insurance coverage

California may see new insurance rules regarding coverage and mental health as judges reach a verdict regarding the issue. Earlier this year, Jeanne Harlick of Northern California was denied coverage for her anorexia treatment. Anorexia, an eating disorder, is designated as a mental illness in accordance with Californian law. The denial led Harlick to file a suit against her insurance company, Blue Shield Blue Cross. A panel of judges from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Harlick, citing her long struggle with anorexia and…

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Des Moines opts back into self insurance program to cut costs

Health insurance for city workers in Des Moines, Iowa, is becoming less expensive. Earlier this week, the City Council moved to make a switch back to a self-insurance system for its employee’s health plans. This is the first time since 2003 the city has opted to participate in such a system. City officials hope that the change will help save money on policies across the board. They expect it will also save taxpayers money – to the tune of $1million annually. The City Council is currently expanding their efforts to…

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