State-run health insurance exchanges struggle to find enrollees

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Enrollment in state-run exchange is going down, study shows A new study from Avalere Health and the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that enrollment in state-run health insurance exchanges is lackluster. Several states opted to operate their own health insurance exchanges, which gave them more control over their respective insurance markets, but others decided to allow the federal government to build and manage these exchanges. The study shows that enrollment in state-run exchanges has been falling, while enrollment in federal exchanges has managed to increase. Study highlights a 12% decrease in…

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Health insurance costs could spike in the US

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Analysis predicts that health insurance rates will grow by an average of 255% Those receiving federal aid for their health insurance coverage in the U.S. could see their insurance premiums rise by a significant margin, pending the results of a Supreme Court case. According to analysis from Avalere Health, an advisory group, premiums for those with subsidized coverage could spike by an average of 255%. Information from the Department of Health and Human Services shows that the vast majority of those receiving health insurance coverage through an exchange currently receive…

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Health insurance enrollment is up throughout the US

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2.5 million people enroll for coverage through exchange An estimated 2.5 million new people have enrolled in health insurance exchanges throughout the United States, according to reports from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The agency is responsible for managing the exchanges nationwide and has seen a significant increase in consumer activity over the past month. This year’s open enrollment period has, thus far, proven to be less turbulent than last year’s as exchanges have managed to avoid serious technical difficulties. Exchanges have managed to avoid the technical difficulties…

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Market stability placates insurance rates, protects from wild increases, say analysts

As insurers begin to feel the weight of the Affordable Care Act, speculation abounds that suggests insurance companies may be raising their rates to offset the effects of the law. Indeed, health insurers throughout the nation have been raising rates, but most claim that higher premiums are being spurred by soaring medical costs and nothing more. Analysts from research firm Avalere Health say that rates should be rising much faster than they are now, yet the insurance industry confounds this estimation. The reason insurance rates are not soaring out of…

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