Samsung unveils mhealth app to take its first steps into the growing marketplace

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New S Health application available on its newest smartphone model.

The mhealth industry is drawing an increasing number of major players and Samsung has no intentions of being left out of the millions of dollars it could take from this massive industry segment.

The S Health app has now been released and is available for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.

This application works by collecting various different types of information about its user so that it can help that individual to build and maintain a healthier way of living. Moreover, it doesn’t just work on its own, but is also compatible with other sensor devices, such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitors, and even some types of scales, using USB or Bluetooth to transmit and receive the data.

The S Health mhealth app is designed to go above and beyond acting as a warning system.

It uses its ability to gain data from the user in order to provide various formats of helpful mhealth information in formats that are easy to understand, such as in tables and graphs, so that the user can better understand his or her habits and trends, and track changes that occur over a length of time. These can include everything from blood sugar levels to weight or blood pressures.

This is only Samsung’s first move into the mhealth sector, which is expected to grow very rapidly.

In fact, the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), a mobile operators’ group that is dedicated to deployment, standardization, and promotion of mobile systems, has predicted that it will be one of the fastest growing sectors of that marketplace. It has forecasted that by 2017, the mhealth marketplace will be worth 2017. By the end of 2012, there will already have been approximately 44 million app downloads of this nature.

The S Health app can help an individual to better design a healthy nutritious diet that will help with weight loss, gain, or maintenance, and can show an individual how much he or she exercises in relation to how much he or she should be exercising.

This mhealth app will soon be available in the United States as well as five European countries, though it has already had its initial release in its home country of South Korea.

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