Proposed legislation in California would allow drivers to use smartphones to prove insurance coverage

California Auto InsuranceState Assemblyman Mike Gatto, a democrat from Los Angeles, has recently proposed new legislation in California, to amend the law concerning the responsibility of motorists to carry proof of their auto insurance coverage with them whenever they are behind the wheel within the state.

Assembly Bill 1708 would require California insurance companies to provide a customer’s proof of financial responsibility in a format that is accessible by a mobile electronic device, should that documentation be requested by the individual.

This also means that should a motorist be pulled over for any reason by the police, and is requested to show his or her proof of auto insurance coverage, then a digital copy of that proof that is displayed on the screen of a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, will be considered a valid format.

The definition of a mobile electronic device, according to the bill, is a “small, hand-held computing and communication device that has a display screen with touch input or a miniature keyboard”.

That said, the bill also does state that a peace officer is not permitted to pull over a car just to check to see if the driver has proof of coverage. The reason that the car is pulled over must be due to a primary offense. And for that, the traffic tickets that may be issued will still be printed out onto paper, as it has always been

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