Lindsay Lohan faces insurance struggles yet again

auto insurance - Lindsay Lohan image from Wikipedia

Lindsay Lohan image from Wikipedia

The mega celebrity is in trouble with her insurer once more for driving.

Troubled Hollywood singer and actress, Lindsay Lohan is facing problems with her insurance company by breaking conditions that were set for her coverage.

The celebrity, well known for legal, professional, and personal issues, already has a DUI record.

That, combined with her prior auto accidents have required the insurance agency for her current film “Liz and Dick” – a movie about Elizabeth Taylor, the self professed idol of the young actress – to have “imposed several conditions”. These were required to be met as some of the terms of being offered the leading role in the first place.

Among these regulations was that she was not allowed to get behind the wheel – a rule that has now been broken.

Earlier in June, Lindsay Lohan was not only caught driving when she shouldn’t be, violating the film’s insurance policy, but she was also involved in a serious fender bender. The star’s assistant was a passenger for the ride during which the rental Porsche was totaled when it was driven into an 18 wheeler tractor trailer.

Some reports have indicated that while the producers of the film were aware of the insurance conditions, they allowed Lindsay Lohan to drive, regardless.

It has now been stated that she will not be permitted to drive for the rest of the duration of the movie’s filming, which had been the regulation in the first place. Naturally, it is unknown as to whether or not it will be followed any more closely now than it was when it was first put into place.

The insurance policy was taken out to help mitigate some of the risk associated with hiring the actress who is notorious for causing disaster. The film’s producer, Larry Thompson was said to have been very careful in the selection of the coverage that would protect them from any antics that might occur as a result of the actions of this controversial celebrity.

He was quoted to have said that Lindsay Lohan could possibly be the actress who has had the most insurance coverage for a single film.


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