Insurers shave their heads to raise awareness of childhood cancer

St. Baldrick’s FoundationThis week in Las Vegas, Nevada, eight insurance executives from some of the largest insurance groups in the country had their heads shaved. Though the insurance industry is the target of rampaging criticisms, this was not an event where insurers were punished for their business practices. The event was organized by the AmWINS Group, a large insurance group based in California, in order to raise awareness for research concerning children with cancer. The event was part of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s fundraising efforts on the matter.

Shaving the heads of insurance executives proved to be a major success. The event raised a record-breaking $700,000 for childhood cancer research. Kathleen Ruddy, executive director for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, says that the overwhelming success of the event shows how committed insurers are to raising awareness of the plight. Indeed, many insurance companies have been on the front lines in the fight against childhood cancer as it presents major risks to the health insurance industry as a whole.

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The money will help the foundation research treatments and possible cures for certain types of cancer. The funds will also be used to hire additional staff and improve the services the foundation can offer to children and families suffering from the disease. The foundation is currently accepting donations and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the month. Those interested in donating can do so from the organization’s website or by clicking on the banner here.

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