The exhibition “Cosmos” by Anastasia Shchipanova

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On November 9, the Sveta Marlier gallery in the heart of Nice hosted opening of the Cosmos exhibition by the Artist of the Year-2017 award winner according to the Fashion Awards of the international TV channel Fashion TV Anastasia Shchipanova.

Both locals and guests from Monte Carlo came to support and congratulate Anastasia. More than 200 people visited the exhibition on the day of opening. French artists, sculptors, gallery owners and collectors of contemporary art could not leave this event unnoticed.

The exhibition venue was chosen for a reason. Anastasia travels a lot in search of impressions and plots for her works. The artist believes that there are many creative and talented people in the south of France and it is clear why. The stunning views and landscapes are a perfect inspiration. Nice is the art capital of France.

A series of paintings presented to visitors is filled bright colors, intensity and a full range of energy. Every stroke conveys the mood, thoughts and feelings of the artist. The exhibition consists of several independent, but interlinked paintings.

A friendly, creative atmosphere, beautiful music and good wine made the opening night special. At the entrance to the gallery, in the shop-window, the exhibition visitors were greeted by a painting the Power of Attraction. They confessed that it was truly hypnotizing.

Guests came to the artist, commented on the paintings, asked about the style of painting. The Flight painting was in the spotlight. Once againAnastasia Shchipanova it confirmed its popularity. Another artwork that left no one indifferent was the biggest painting in the series of 2 by 1.5 meter size called Infinity.

Local residents are very interested in contemporary art. They are really interested in the art development of Russian culture. Russia and France have been friends and supporters since long ago. Before the exhibition, many visitors wondered, “Is it a fictional story, about energy portraits?”

“Some people approached me and confessed that they came more out of curiosity, because they were interested to see what “energy abstraction art” is when they heard about the exhibition. They were surprised to see that this was no fiction. They really felt energy vibrations. What’s most important is that they saw that there is energy on the canvases, in the form and color that one can’t but feel, and it was very touching for me, as an artist”- Anastasia Shchipanova shared her impressions.

The exhibition will be opened until November 30, 2017 at: 18 rue Bonaparte | 06300 NICE

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