Wisconsin governor signs workers compensation bill into law

Workers Compensation - Wisconsin Bill

Governor Tony Evers signed Assembly Bill 1073 to make it 2023 Wisconsin Act 213. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed Assembly Bill 1073 regarding improvements to workers compensation in the state, making it 2023 Wisconsin Act 213. The changes were made based on recommendations by the WCAC The Workers Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) made recommendations for the changes to the state system, and these helped to guide the creation of the bill. Governor Evers signed the bill at the State Capitol in his office, in the presence of voting WCAC members,…

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Wisconsin to seek waiver from controversial Affordable Care Act measure

Wisconsin is seeking to obtain a waiver from the federal government that would provide the state’s insurance companies with immunity against a new health care law that would require them to pay at least 80% of the money collected from premiums on medical care. The law is part of the controversial Affordable Care Act, which, as a whole, has been met with varying degrees of opposition from the nation’s insurance industry and legislators. Governor Scott Walker claims that the waiver is necessary for insurers to remain competitive, and hopes to…

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