Disability insurance satisfaction continues to be high

Disability insurance - Income - Form

American workers covered by this type of coverage remain satisfied with what it provides. Millions of Americans are currently covered by disability insurance, providing them with protection against the loss of income they would otherwise face due to being unable to work because of an illness or injury. This coverage makes sure that policyholders will continue to have an income during these extended periods. A recent AHIP survey found that people who have disability insurance are highly satisfied with their coverage and what it provides. They indicated that they are…

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Disability insurance covers three quarters of U.S. workers through social security

Disability Insurance benefits US workers

According to the latest report, 76 percent of American employees have this coverage. The latest report that has been issued by Allsup has revealed that approximately three in every four workers in the United States, or 76 percent, had coverage through Social Security disability insurance benefits in 2012. This helps to underscore the importance of building an understanding of the role of work history. Last year, among workers between the ages of 20 years and full retirement, there were approximately 195.1 million workers who made up the American workforce as…

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Disability insurance should not be overlooked for financial health

Disability Insurance

The consequences of leaving it out of future planning can be expensive. As important as disability insurance may be, it is among the most forgotten forms of coverage in a financial plan over the long term. The importance of homeowners, auto, health, and life policies are far better known. It is important to recognize, however, that disability insurance is the coverage that you will need if you should ever be forced to leave your work for a period of time due to illness or injury. This is the protection that…

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Social security’s disability program is almost broke

Aging baby boomers and unemployed workers have swamped the Social Security disability program with claims for benefits, which has sent the system – which was already facing a financial struggle – to the point of near insolvency. Since ten years ago, applications have increased by almost 50 percent, as individuals with disabilities are laid off and cannot find employment within an economy that has dropped almost 7 million jobs. The flood of benefits claims has created an increasing applicant backlog – many of whom must wait two years before their…

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