Understanding health insurance limitations and rules

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Health insurance continues to be a problematic and confusing issue for many people. While some may be taking steps to understand their insurance policies to the best of their capabilities, they could still be exposed to problems that are difficult to recognize. Visiting a doctor, for instance, is something that many people do not give a second thought to because they often believe that their insurance policies will cover instance of medical care. This is, however, not the case. The simple act of visiting a doctor can turn into an…

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Aetna report shows that consumers are confused about insurance terms

Aetna Inc. has released the results of a new consumer survey as open enrollment for employer-offered insurance plans comes to a close. The results of the survey show that more than half of insured adults in the U.S. find the terms of their insurance policies confusing. This presents a major problem for both insurers and consumers as these adults general tend to accept any terms they are given as they believe that any insurance coverage, even if it is not appropriate to their needs, is better than no coverage at…

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Meeting of lawmakers and insurance officials highlights the importance of simplicity in national insurance exchange program

Health insurance exchanges were a popular subject during a recent gathering of federal lawmakers and insurance officials this week in Washington, D.C. Exchanges have been growing in popularity throughout the nation, gaining support in some states while finding opposition in others. The overall aim of the exchange initiative is to present consumers with a way to find and purchase affordable insurance policies. Much of the effort concerning exchanges centers around the concept of affordability, but consumers are far more interested in understanding what they are buying than how much policies…

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