Citizens Insurance rejects consumer benefits

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Report reveals Citizens Insurance rejections Florida’s Citizens Insurance has rejected more than 90,000 reports from commissioned inspectors that identified consumers to be eligible for property insurance discounts, according to an inspection from The Palm Beach Post. The Post inspected 225,000 records concerning the matter and found that Citizens Insurance had been rejecting these cases based on an attempt to cut costs and boost revenue. The state-run insurance group has been struggling with financial trouble for several years and is being pressured by government officials to solve these problems. Inspections part…

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Citizens Insurance comes under fire once again in Florida

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Building inspector reveals details about Citizens Insurance Florida’s Citizens Insurance continues to found itself steeped in controversy as some of its practices become exposed by an anonymous building inspector. The inspector, whom liaised with Florida’s The Palm Beach Post, claims to have worked with Citizens Insurance on several occasions during the state-run company’s massive building reinspection campaign. Citizens Insurance launched the campaign to re-evaluate the value of the homeowner’s insurance policies it has written in the state. According to the inspector, the insurance company has taken steps to ensure that…

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