Online Low Mileage Car Insurance Discount With No Deposit Or Credit Check Required

Mileage tracking feature in the future for OnStar

PRESS RELEASE: A reputed national service online is providing assistance to secure car insurance discounts for low mileage driver, teenage drivers, student driver and young drivers as per reports appearing in a section of the Press. The company has announced a “Pay-As-You-Go program” with discounts being offered on premiums ranging from 25% to 50% on the solutions that they provide. It is being reported that some reliable and reputable services are helping people to get car insurance low mileage discount regardless of their age. Hundreds of drivers, who drive cars…

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Teen auto deaths spike during summer months

Teen Auto Car Crash

Distracted driving practices attributed to a spike in summer deaths of teenage drivers in 2010, a study by Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports. According to the study, approximately 45 people between the ages of 15 and 20 died each weekend from June through September in the year 2010. Such young deaths are “sobering” according to Sandy Spavone, the executive director with the National Organizations for Youth Safety. The main reason they hit so hard is because these deaths could so easily be avoided. Spavone feels these deaths are completely avoidable…

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Survey shows that Americans want new adolescent driving regulations

Allstate Insurance has released the results of a survey they performed across the country, which showed that almost 60 percent of Americans would like a nationwide law that would set minimum state requirements for a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program. The survey also showed that among all of the age groups, adolescents ranked the lowest. In fact, among the participants, 81 percent gave teens an “average” or “poor” driver rating. The STANDUP Act (Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection), is already in Congress where it is pending. It is…

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One fifth of licensed drivers would fail the written test if taken now

A nationwide driver test survey has shown that 20 percent of licensed drivers do not know enough of the rules of driving to be able to pass the written driver’s test if they took it today.  Highway Patrol Lt. Janita West, has said that she was not entirely surprised by this, especially in the case of teenage drivers, saying that “they’re so confident, but then they pull out in front of other cars and run stop signs.” West has been a state trooper for 25 years and has been working…

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