Progressive brings a new take on auto insurance and savings

Auto Insurance Savings

Progressive continues to generate hype for its Snapshot device Progressive Insurance has been making waves in the world of insurance news with its in-car device that helps calculate the cost of auto insurance policies. In 2011, Progressive introduce an ambitious new auto insurance scheme that provided drivers with a way to save money on their coverage by providing the company with detailed data concerning their vehicles and driving habits. This is accomplished through a device called Snapshot, which can be installed in any vehicle manufactured after the year 1996. Device…

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Growing popularity of auto insurance telematics programs provide more discount opportunities

Online Auto Insurance (OAI) has been encouraging customer awareness over a broader array of opportunities to find discounts on their coverage through motorist behaviors such as safe driving and low mileage, following a number of recent reports that are showing that insurers are likely to begin significant investments into technology that will record and transmit information about the driving behaviors of policyholders. A growing number of insurance companies have already been offering programs on an optional basis that allows motorists to install an electronic device into their vehicle that will…

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Patent for usage-based insurance goes to Progressive for the fourth time

Progressive Insurance has announced that it has received a patent for usage based system technologies for the fourth time for its Pay As You Drive program, which is available to drivers in the United States. The program involves using a driver’s safety score to change his or her premiums based on monitored driving data and is now patented under U.S. Patent No. 8,090,598. The usage based insurance (UBI) program at Progressive is called Snapshot, and it is now available to drivers in the District of Columbia and 39 other states.…

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