Are roundabouts bringing good auto insurance news to the United States?

Roundabout at Berkeley Insurance news

Many are asking whether or not they are helping to decrease the rate of accidents in the country. Every year, cities throughout the U.S. have been receiving requests to help to reduce street traffic congestion and safer, and among the requests that are receiving attention in insurance news are those that request the use of “roundabouts.” There are many who feel that the roundabouts that have gone up in their areas have made a difference. Roundabouts are quite commonplace in many countries around the world, particularly in Europe, and in…

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Roundabout accidents are on the rise in New York

Data regarding the number of vehicle crashes in the rotaries and roundabouts in the Capital Region of New York State has shown that these events are on the rise. Though these road features had been constructed in order to try to decrease traffic congestion and lower the risk of serious injuries, recently released data has shown that accidents within them are becoming more frequent. This is the case in 15 out of the 20 roundabouts in the region that had been constructed where there had previously been an intersection. Those…

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