Insurance news from Barclay’s scandal increases total to $4.1 billion

life insurance news Barclays Bank

The mis-selling scam from the bank has experienced yet another massive charge. Barclays Bank PLC is making insurance news yet again with another massive mis-selling charge, adding to a long list of others that have been reported by Insurance News Report over the last few months. The British bank is continually hounded by new discoveries of scandalous selling practices. Authorities in the United Kingdom have been investigating the fundraising that the bank has received from Qatar during the worst of the crisis in 2008. The investigations have been ongoing since…

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New insurance group targets life and medical insurance in Qatar

Q-Life & Medical, a newly formed insurance group based in Qatar, has targeted a promising market in the region. Initially part of Qatar Insurance Co., Q-Life & Medical was formed around the need for life and medical insurance in the nation. According to company officials, the market for life and medical insurance in Qatar is untapped, which translates into a unique opportunity for tremendous growth. Whether the company can capitalize on this potential growth, however, is yet to be seen. As of now, the company is not offering any insurance…

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