Unpaid insurance claims leave Puerto Rico with a massive $1.6 billion disaster bill

Unpaid insurance claims - House damage

The U.S. territory is wrapped in accusations of fraud and lawsuits against home insurers. Cities and homeowners alike are facing widespread unpaid insurance claims following several disasters to strike Puerto Rico. Some claim they’re receiving unfair low payments while others have watched insurers shut down. Fraud accusations and lawsuits are taking flight in every direction as many face unpaid insurance claims following the earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters. Puerto Rico has been struggling with one catastrophe after the next. The island has been struck by hundreds of earthquakes over a…

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Puerto Rico’s physicians threaten to discontinue their service if not compensated for their work by insurers

Physicians in Puerto Rico are taking a stance against the government and several insurance companies after they were refused payment for treating the poor. Doctors are threatening to discontinue their treatment of more than 1 million patients with Medicaid coverage if they are not compensated appropriately for their work. Governor Luis Fortuno has been attempting to mitigate the frustrations of the island’s physicians, but his efforts have been met with staunch resistance. Resolution of the issue, he says, lies in the hands of insurers. The government has announced that it…

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