Two former insurance executives appointed to Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance to help solve some of the company’s problems

As Florida continues to struggle with controversial rate increases from the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance, Governor Rick Scott has appointed two insurance professionals to serve as board members for the company. These two former insurance industry executives will serve as a catalyst for change in the company. Governor Scott has said that he wants to reduce the coverage of Citizens, enabling competition with private insurance companies. Now that Citizens board of directors is populated with members with extensive histories in the industry, Scott’s goal may now be attainable. Citizens new…

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Louisiana Governor seeks insurance advisor to aid in privatization of state employee program

The Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, has been working to privatize the health insurance program for state employees. The decision comes from an apparent need for the state to have more control over the program that what is currently in place. The program will also benefit from being populated by a number of prestigious private insurance companies. Jindal’s efforts have been successful thus far, and he is now seeking an advisor from among the insurance industry to help manage the new program. Jindal is looking to fill one advisory spot in…

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Insurers profit from medicare funds

Medicare News

Private insurance plans tailored to accommodate Medicare recipients are making massive profits by using advance government payouts. The Medicare program regularly sends money in advance, much of which has no immediate need, and insurers are using the funds to secure investments, according to an investigation report by the Department of Health and Human Services. Those in the  financial world are familiar with this practice called, “playing the float”. The HHS inspector general estimated that private Medicare plans obtained some $380 million from these investments with money used from the government…

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