Insurance industry offers advice for coping with winter storms

insurance industry winter snow ice

The mega-storm that occurred this weekend came as a hard reminder to be prepared for the weather. The winter storm that walloped the East Coast, last weekend, came as a brutal reminder of the importance of being prepared for dramatic weather at this time of year and the insurance industry is continuing to remind people of the importance of following the right safety tips. There are ways to give yourself and your family the best possible chance of safely riding out a winter storm. Aside from stocking up on food,…

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Valentine’s Day insurance against overspending on great gifts

valentines day gift money best portable charger

Pick the best portable charger so you won’t have to break the bank to make everyone love you! It is all too common for people to wait until the last minute to buy Valentine’s Day gifts, which can cause them to overspend on expensive items because they hadn’t given themselves the insurance of advance preparation that would help them to find an appropriate present with a smaller price tag. The good news? You can afford to spread the love, no matter how many valentines you have! While some people buy…

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