Pennsylvania takes steps to take control over its online health insurance exchange

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The state is making moves to form its own marketplace instead of relying on the federal government. Pennsylvania is taking initial steps to take over control of its own health insurance exchange. From 2014 until now, it has been participating in the federal marketplace. Pennsylvania is hoping to reduce the cost of health insurance by launching its own ACA exchange. The goal of the move to Pennsylvania’s own health insurance exchange is to reduce the cost of coverage to consumers. The idea is to make a state-based Affordable Care Act…

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Health insurance exchange receives nod from Minnesota House

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A bill was passed on Friday that allowed the state to create its own online marketplace. The Minnesota House has now passed a bill that would create an online health insurance exchange that is designed to help the 1.3 million uninsured residents of the state to purchase coverage in order to comply with the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. This is a central element of the federal healthcare law and the passing of this bill is a meaningful step in the state. The bill must still make its…

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Health insurance exchange in Wisconsin now faces a tight deadline

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States that have not yet decided how they will be complying with the healthcare reforms must act quickly. Wisconsin is among the states that have not yet decided whether or not it will be running its own health insurance exchange and how it will be applying the required elements of the Affordable Care Act, but the deadline is now looming. Governor Scott Walker has been delaying the final healthcare reform decisions for more than a year. The reason that Walker gave for his delays was one that has been common…

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Health insurance exchange in Missouri will face voters

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The residents of the state will decide whether the online marketplace will be run by the state or federal government. Next month, when voters head out to cast their ballots, those in Missouri will be asked to address an additional matter, which will involve whether their health insurance exchange will be operated by the state or by the federal government. Some are saying that these votes may not have a large impact on the final decision. It has been suggested that the votes of the citizens in Missouri may have…

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Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield not entirely sold on insurance exchange

The largest insurance provider in Iowa, Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is still debating whether or not it wishes to take part in the insurance exchange in the state. If this insurer does not take part, it could be destructive to the entire insurance exchange initiative. The state insurance exchanges are considered to be a key component of the healthcare reform program for the entire country. Supporters of the exchanges are saying that the systems and services they will establish will assist millions of small businesses, families, and individuals to better…

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