Allstate to Scale Back in New York and New Jersey Following Lower Rate Increases

Allstate Auto Insurance rate increase

Allstate’s Partial Auto Rate Increase Approval and Its Impact Allstate Insurance, a titan in the auto insurance industry, has recently been thrown into a strategic conundrum. After receiving approval for lower-than-requested rate hikes in both New York and New Jersey, the company is now reconsidering its presence in these states. Despite lobbying for a 29% rate increase in New Jersey and an 18.3% hike in New York, regulatory authorities only concurred to rate increases of just under 17% and 14.6%, respectively. This partial approval has led Allstate to question its…

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Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault seeks to make Michigan car insurance information public

The Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault (CPAN), a Lansing-based group, has filed a lawsuit against the insurance system in Michigan at the Ingham County Circuit Court, with the intention of forcing the insurance industry to report the data it collects regarding health and accidents. Officials with the Coalition are working to alter the current insurance system through a proposal of two bills which was made in November and which has been supported by insurance companies. They are seeking to have information from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) – a…

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Allstate files $5 million lawsuit in New York as a result of fraud

Allstate Insurance is looking to recover some $5 million in New York that has been lost due to fraud. The company has filed a lawsuit targeting 21 individuals, 17 of which are being accused of misrepresenting public entities. The insurer claims that these people have continuously submitted fraudulent claims on behalf of corporation that were owned and operated by laypersons, as opposed to licensed professionals. The insurer notes that fraud is one of the primary reasons rates have been rising in the state in recent years. Allstate has filed some…

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