Homeowners insurance companies haven’t given up on rate hike requests

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Despite the fact that they have been unsuccessful, so far, insurers in North Carolina are still trying. According to an industry spokesperson in North Carolina, homeowners insurance companies are not yet ready to back down on their goal to increase premiums by an average of 25 percent across the state. A group that represents nearly 100 insurers in the state is taking its case to the Court of Appeals. According to Ray Evans, a spokesperson for the Rate Bureau industry group, which represents almost 100 companies that sell N.C. homeowners…

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Homeowners insurance rate change requested for mobile homes

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The North Carolina Department of Insurance has released a statement to describe the request from the industry. The N.C. Department of Insurance (NCDOI) has now received a rate filing for homeowners insurance rates from the N.C. Rate Bureau, which is an entity that is not a part of the department, and which represents all insurers in the state that sell coverage for mobile homes. There are two different types of mobile home insurance that are offered in North Carolina. The first is through the MH(C) form, and the second is…

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Homeowners insurance rates set to decrease in North Carolina

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State Insurance Commissioner opts to reject rate increase proposals from insurance companies Insurance rates for homeowners in North Carolina may not be rising due to action taken by the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin. Homeowners insurance companies had sought to raise rates by an average of 35% throughout the state. Last week, however, Commissioner Goodwin decided to strike down rate increase proposals from insurers. This move means that insurance rates will throughout the state are not expected to increase at all on January 1, 2015. Average cost of insurance coverage…

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Health insurance navigators are available in North Carolina

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Navigators can help consumers find coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange Those looking to purchase health insurance coverage from the North Carolina insurance exchange will be able to find additional help from navigators. These navigators are individuals trained in the various services that the exchange offers and can be instrumental in helping people find the coverage that is most appropriate for their situation. By law, navigators cannot work directly with insurance companies in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Instead, these people are associated with non-profit organizations. Navigators…

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Homeowners insurance rate hike request in North Carolina denied

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The state has refused a recent request made by the industry to increase the premiums paid by policyholders. Wayne Goodwin, the Insurance Commissioner in North Carolina, has now denied the request made by the homeowners insurance industry, which had been for an average of 25.6 percent on the rates paid by policyholders across the state. This ruling followed a hearing that was held over 12 days, in October and into November to consider the proposal. That was the first homeowners insurance hearing of its kind that has taken place in…

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Insurance news from North Carolina looks like rates may head upward

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Insurers in the state have proposed raises in homeowners premiums at an average of 25 percent. In North Carolina, recent insurance news is showing that homeowners policies may soon be rising in price as companies have been filing to increase their rates by an average of 25 percent. Insurers have said that the current homeowners insurance rates are inadequate to cover damage claims and projections. The commissioner in North Carolina has now made an insurance news announcement that the office has opened up a public hearing that will take place…

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New health insurance plan coming to North Carolina

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Carolinas HealthCare System set to introduce new insurance plan with the aid of Blue Cross Carolinas HealthCare System has announced that it is collaborating with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in order to offer a new health insurance plan for individuals. The plan is called BlueLocal and will be available to consumers beginning on January 1, 2015. The insurance plan is specifically designed for those under the age of 65 that want to receive their medical care through Carolinas HealthCare System and its affiliated medical professionals. BlueLocal…

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