Health insurance overhaul stage has passed final step in Minnesota

Minnesota Health Insurance Trump Administration Lawsuit

A massive bill has just been passed in the Senate, which represents the completion of a vital phase. A major overhaul to the health insurance system in Minnesota has just passed the Senate, which will mean that in a few months, the over 300,000 residents of the state that are uninsured will be able to benefit from an online marketplace that is one of the central elements of the federal healthcare law. This is a vitally important legislative step toward the implementation of the online exchange. The Senate gave its…

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Health insurance exchange in Minnesota is causing funding disputes

Minnesota Health Insurance

The state’s Democratic Farmer Labor party members are disagreeing on the topic of paying for the marketplace. One of the issues that has arisen after a Senate Tax Committee hearing last week has to do with an amendment to legislation regarding the health insurance exchange and the way that it would receive its funding. Among the issues creating controversy is whether or not smokers should be footing the bill. The new health insurance marketplace is set to begin its operations in October of this year. However, there is considerable indecision…

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Health insurance exchanges in Minnesota facing tight deadlines

Health Insurance Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

With the start of the legislative session, lawmakers are diving right in to the healthcare overhaul. This week, Minnesota saw the beginning of a fresh legislative session, and Republican and DFL lawmakers have jumped directly into the announcement of a new bill that would implement a central element of the federal healthcare reforms within the state, namely the health insurance exchange. This virtual marketplace would provide an online arena in which residents can shop for coverage. Up to a million residents of Minnesota, in addition to small businesses, will be…

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