Drivers in Maryland are facing growing auto insurance premiums from State Farm

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State Farm is generating controversy with rate hikes affected thousands of drivers Drivers in Maryland will be facing higher auto insurance rates coming from State Farm. The insurer has had many complaints issued against it over the past year due to rising insurance premiums, with some drivers claiming that their premiums were raised for accidents that were not their fault. Maryland insurance regulators have found fault with some of the premium increases that have been issued by State Farm, with some of these rate hikes hitting drivers that have only…

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Insurance company shut down in Maryland

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This recent news shows that yet another insurer related to Hal Katz has had its license revoked. The Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) has revealed that it has shut down yet another insurer that is related to Hal Katz, the well known Baltimore policy pitchman, in a trend that has continued since December. The last two insurers were owned by Katz’s son and had their licenses revoked, closing them down. Those companies were both run by Geary Katz and were called Laurel Insurance Corporation and Senate Insurance. According to recent news…

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