Insurance news from Swiss Re shows need for longevity risk coverage

Insurance News on Insurance Market Calculations

The reinsurer points out a new market solution requirement in the industry. According to Swiss Re’s latest insurance news announcement, the capacity of insurers is not great enough to cover approximately $23 trillion of the pension liabilities around the world against the risk that policyholders will be living longer than originally anticipated. They recommend that the risk of longevity should be passed through to the investors. This insurance news was made in the second largest global reinsurer’s recent report. In this document, they pointed out that for every additional year…

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Life insurance is being rediscovered as important to financial planning

New York Homeowners Insurance Rules

This shaky economy is encouraging consumers to take a second look at the coverage. For the last several years, the popularity of life insurance has been shrinking, reaching the lowest points that it has seen in decades, but with the state of the current economy, financial planners are beginning to turn their gaze back toward this coverage product and the security that it can offer. Though the policies should not be considered an investment, they do offer planning flexibility. To start, it should be understood that in the majority of…

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Life insurance in Europe is taking off

International Insurance fund news

As consumers stay away from riskier investments, they’re choosing this coverage instead. Two of the largest European insurers, Axa and Allianz, are exceeding the profit predictions as consumers who are shying away from risky investments are choosing traditional life insurance for its comparative stability and safety. The top insurer in Europe, Allianz, saw 2.8 percent greater year over year profits in the second quarter. The insurer reported that its operating profit was €2.37 billion in the second quarter of 2012. This is an increase that is far about the €2.2…

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Life insurance sales increase alongside growth in critical illness sector

life insurance

The rapid growth in one has renewed interest that had been fading in the other. The current explosive growth of critical illness policies is creating a renewal in the interest that consumers have for permanent life insurance. Though the reasons for this are multidimensional, they also make a great deal of sense. Even though these products don’t appear to have much to do with one another, they are linked by certain events and circumstances that can make them both appealing to consumers at the same time. For example, as employers…

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