California Insurance Market Seeks Solutions Amid Homeowner Policy Crisis

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California’s insurance landscape is poised for a substantial rewrite as authorities deal with the implications of devastating wildfires and market instability. With a pivotal public hearing on the horizon, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara spearheads the effort to address the frustrations of both homeowners and insurers. The Plight of California Homeowners and Insurers Amid the ashes of devastating wildfires, Californian homeowners have faced soaring insurance premiums and widespread policy cancellations, driving the need for regulatory reform. A proposed overhaul by Commissioner Lara aims to streamline rate increase approvals and clarify regulations…

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California hearing focuses on workers compensation system

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At a recent hearing in Sacramento of California’s Assembly and Senate brought focus to the state’s workers compensation insurance system. The hearing lasted for more than four hours, much of which was spent exposing the shortfalls of the state’s current system and highlighting the need for extensive reform. California’s Worker’s Compensation Institute (CWCI), a non-profit organization that writes worker’s compensation policies for the state, attended the hearing in order to share its views on the current problems facing the system and to discuss the issue of reform. During the hearing,…

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Consumer group issues report accusing insurers of needlessly high rates – Insurance Institute claims report is faulty

Americans for Insurance Reform, a consumer advocacy group, has released a new report regarding the property/casualty insurance industry in New York. The report accuses P/C insurers of excessive rate increases that have slowed the financial recovery of individuals and businesses in the wake of the 2008 economic recession. The group argues that these needlessly high rates may be leading to a new liability insurance crisis in the U.S., one that may set the economy back even further. The group claims that the insurance market throughout the U.S. has been “soft”…

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Insurance group spends more than $300,000 lobbying the federal government

The American Insurance Association spent more than $300,000 in lobbying the federal government during the second quarter of this year. Much of the lobbying effort was focused on disaster insurance and regulatory reform. The insurance organization has been pressuring legislators to pass laws that would make insurance more accessible to those in disaster prone areas. The money spent during the second quarter was not only spent to lobby the House and Senate, it also went toward lobbying efforts targeted at the Department of Treasury and Federal Reserve System. The association…

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Insurers lobby for segregation from the international banking system, turn to Obama for aid

The U.S. government is being asked to support a new measure before the U.N. that would separate banks and insurance companies from the Financial Stability Board’s efforts to overhaul the international banking system. Several insurance company trade groups have been partitioning President Obama to join other G20 leaders in these efforts, hoping that the added support will affect the measure toward their goals. Insurers are concerned with this issue because one set of regulations is being used to govern both banking institutions and insurance companies. Given the recent failings of…

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