MEMA releases flood insurance information for consumers

New York Homeowners Insurance Rules

MEMA information could help consumers understand their policies and file claims The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has released information that aims to help the victims of flood file flood insurance claims. Mississippi residents that have flood insurance receive their coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The majority of the state’s homeowners, however, do not have coverage that protects them from the damage caused by floods. Yet, many of these homeowners believe they are adequately protected by the coverage they receive through the state’s wind pool policies. MEMA…

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Hurricane Isaac may cause $1.5 billion in damage

Hurricane Isaac Homeowners Insurance Industry Damages

Eqecat predicts the havoc caused by Hurricane Isaac Hurricane Isaac may cause more than $1.5 billion in damage as it makes its way through Louisiana, according to Eqecat, a leading catastrophe modeling firm. The hurricane, which made landfall earlier in the week, is expected to makes its way through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Thus far, the storm has caused a significant amount of damage in and has left more than 644,000 people across several states without power. Eqecat suggests that Hurricane Isaac is just reaching its stride and the storm…

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New Jersey residents pick up more flood insurance in wake of powerful storms

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance gets a boost after Irene With Hurricane Isaac on a rampage, attention is being drawn to flood insurance. In the past two years, damage caused by powerful storms has been punctuated by the sheer lack of flood insurance coverage. For the uninsured, the damage caused by flood presents a financial burden that consumers will have to bear alone. Those that have suffered loss as a result of flooding seem to be taking the matter seriously and are finally heeding the call to obtain comprehensive flood insurance coverage, according…

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Hurricane Isaac may make its way to Mississippi

Tropical storm Isaac

Isaac matures into a hurricane and Mississippi prepares for storm’s arrival Tropical Storm Isaac has matured into a full-fledged hurricane as it made landfall in Florida early Monday. According to Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance, more than 300 claims have been generated by the storm already, with many more expected in the coming days. Isaac’s path is expected to continue well beyond Florida, reaching as far as Mississippi, where that state’s Department of Insurance is taking the time to remind homeowners to take caution before evacuating their property if such action…

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