Celebrity insurance message about healthcare shared by Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand (1969 Hello Dolly!) Celebrity Insurance

The legendary performer hopes to help to provide Americans with more information about the Affordable Care Act. Although the President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are not hurting for famous names to add to the celebrity insurance promotions that back their cause, Barbra Streisand is drawing a great deal of attention to the healthcare reforms and the associated requirements and benefits for the American public. Streisand is one of the Affordable Care Act’s most firm believers and most vocal crusaders. Now, the singer and actress is adding her name…

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Affordable Care Act targeted by legislation in South Dakota

affordable care act

Insurance agents will not suffer from the Affordable Care Act in South Dakota The Affordable Care Act looms in the U.S. and there are still several questions concerning the federal health care law that have yet to be answered. One of these questions concerns independent health insurance agents and how the federal law will affect them. In South Dakota, lawmakers are moving to address this issue. Early this week, legislators took steps to ensure than the state’s independent insurance agents will be included in the state’s health insurance exchange. Agents…

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