Virginia considers mandatory health insurance for PANS/PANDAS

Health insurance - Mandatory in Virginia

The “devastating” childhood illness can cost affected families hundreds of thousands for treatment. A bill in Virginia is being studied by the state Health Insurance Reform Commission for the coverage of treatment for PANS/PANDAS, a mainly childhood neuropsychiatric disorder. The examination of the bill follows a unanimous tabling in a House subcommittee earlier this month. The legislation was proposed by House Delegate Patrick Hope (D-Arlington) and would require private health insurance and Medicaid to provide coverage for PANS/PANDAS treatment in order to lower the cost families must face upon diagnosis.…

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Many consumers still can’t afford Virginia health insurance premiums

Virginia health insurance costs

A new state Joint Commission on Heath Care report showed that silver plans remain costly. Though the American Rescue Plan has broadened subsidies and has brought plans within reach for more people through the Affordable Care Act, Virginia health insurance premiums remain high enough that many people still struggle to afford the costs. The state appears to be struggling to keep its health plan premiums under control. The state’s Joint Commission on Health Care determined that the average cost of silver Virginia health insurance plans – a mid tier level…

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Virginia Governor submits report to state Legislature regarding a health insurance exchange

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has brought a report to the state’s General Assembly this week regarding his stance on the Affordable Care Act and whether the state should pursue its own insurance exchange or leave the matter in the hands of the federal government. McDonnell is an ardent opponent of the health care reform, calling the legislation “unfounded federal intrusion” into a state’s governance. While he stands opposed to the law, how an insurance exchange might benefit consumers has not been lost on him. Virginian lawmakers are currently deliberating on…

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