Federal health insurance marketplace gives preview of Open Enrollment offerings

Health insurance marketplace - Keyboard

The Biden-Harris Administration is allowing for some window-shopping for US consumers. The 10th Open Enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace will begin tomorrow, but US consumers can check out what will be available early, with window shopping for plan choice, affordability and quality. The federal exchange officially starts accepting enrollments tomorrow, but today you can have a look. Consumers can head to the health insurance marketplace to preview the options available to them and to consider which coverage best suits their needs and where they can save money. The…

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Health insurance premiums are a motivator to live healthier

walking for health insurance savings

A recent study has shown that coverage costs can encourage people to exercise more and get fit. There was a great deal of controversy that arose when a health insurance company first started charging higher rates for individuals who were obese, but whether or not it is deemed appropriate or fair, a recent study has shown that it can give people the motivation they need to bring their weight down to healthier levels. When policyholders were given the choice to lose weight or pay more, they quickly started dieting. According…

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Health insurance savings on its way for residents of New York

affordable care act

Those living in the state will be saving over $500 million on coverage premiums this year. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York state, has just announced that the new power that has been given to the state to limit the increases in health insurance rates is already showing its benefits to the residents of the state. The state has limited a number of increases that insurers had proposed within the state. Cuomo said that this year alone, New Yorkers will not have to pay the over half a million…

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